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tv   [untitled]    November 10, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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permitted. the sponsor insinuated 3 letters of support and the staff is not aware of any opposition to the project. this concludes my presentation if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> thank you project sponsor please. good afternoon. i'm here on behavior of the project sponsor and to introduce the property owner. just so you know they've worked extensive with the planning department to comply with the planning departments requests. and she'll make a statement to you >> good afternoon. my husband and i are the proud
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owners of the house. it has the same name as in china. we have a magnificent building and it will has 10 years on the up floor. we truly want this project to be a birch benefit to the city of san francisco. we have received favorable response from our neighborhoods and the residential community. we thank our people for the project and we z ask you approve our project. thank you very much for hearing our case >> thank you. >> i'm even though architect for the project i won't make a
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presentation and thank you. i'm available to answer questions >> opening it up for public comment. there's one speaker card. susie. i'm susan i live on sutter street next to the victorian building we're discussing. i'm between neutral and obl. i'm leaning towards obtaining. many of the places between - unfortunately people have reported their concerns.
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the initiatives in the building has less impact on the neighbors. that was used previously for special events since the mid 19 hundreds two different owners. the events were only two or three a week and the activity was limited then would result from the restaurants perhaps a hundred tables. when the building i live in was first occupied in the mid 90s p there were lawyers offices and office for the medical organization. we're concerned about the interior of the building. in general the neighbors are
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concerned about the traffic and the stint of the cooking smells. we're very he concerned about parking as well. the parking issue has been acknowledged to be within the regulations which i don't understand intellect. we're concerned about the loading and unloading of supplies for the restaurants. the driveway next to the project is shared with the consulate next door and the driveway is extremely narrow. in short the concerns of the neighbors are much greater than the number of objections we see by the planning commission. we're concerned that the degree
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of construction is greater than than required. i'm happy and my friends will be happy that valet service will be available >> thank you. any additional public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner borden >> yeah. i appreciate the concerns that the person raised but at any time only 10 rooms in this building there shouldn't be that much traffic from the hotel uses. i've been inside this building it's a really beautiful building i went there when someone's owned the building. i'm happy to see this is being perpetrated in a way in its architecture glory and makes a better use of it to i think i maintain it as a resource.
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i'm quite supportive of the project. i know they have wedding and the like that loedz have to be figured out mob you could talk about the loading. >> actually, the project sponsor has noted indicated they're interested in putting in a white curb that's an option they'll have to apply for. >> how many nablz the restaurants? - tables. >> about 40 tables. >> how many. >> combinations for large groups and sometimes i'd like to say there will be no loading off the street period.
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we're fortunate to be one of the few buildings on the street we have a driveway we can go down and deliver early in the morning. what happens on that street people double park that will not happen in this fatality we've been mindful to be good neighbors. with that i'll approve it >> i like this project a lot. i went there of the a plateaus called the mansion it was a lot smaller and the restaurants was a smaller and the number of rooms were smaller but it was also fun to go there. i know this dining room room will be more upscale.
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we have a shortage when you get west of van ness avenue leave people trying to stay in neighborhoods in san francisco and this will give them the opportunity to be in the pacific heights neighborhood without having to stay somewhere downtown and visit friends and a relates in that area. it's a great building and i'm supportive of this project >> commissioner ellis. i want to agree >> i think i've been in the building, too, and the restaurants side is strictly large but it's hard to configure it within the building but it
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looks appropriate. >> commissioners if there's nothing further there's a motion and second to approve with conditions (calling names) so moved, commissioners, passion unanimously and places you under public comment. >> any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. and the meeting is
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good morning, everybody, if i may have your attention, my name is david camp os and welcome to the neighborhood service and safety committee and we are joined today by committee members, supervisor mar and more nan yee, the clerk of the committee is derek evan and we also want to thank the following members of is the fgtv staff who are governing the meeting today. mr. clerk, do we have any announcements? >> thank you, mr. chair? >> please make sure that you silence all devices and speakers of the cards and documents should be submitted to the clerk, items acted upon today will be on the november 15th, board of agenda, unless
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others stated. >> if you could call item one.hearing to consider that the issuance of a type-21 off-sale general license to daniel kramer for on the fly, inc., dba wingtip, located at 550 montgomery street (district 3), will serve the public convenience or necessity of the city and county of san francisc >> mr. kramer is here on behalf of the applicant. good morning, sir. >> good morning, the applicant is here. >> if you could talk about the out reach. >> thank you for taking the time this morning, and my name is ami arod and i have been a resident of san francisco for a few years, opened up if five
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years ago, and the clothing and accessory and gifts and home furnishing and people love to buy the bottles from us if we had them available and i am here to ask for a type 21 license and we have reached out to all of the residents in the area and we are in the heart of the financial district and so not a lot of folks living in our vicinity and we wanted to thank the police department for coming out and seeing the operation and working with us. we are not a liquor store and this will be one more option, as a gift for customers from ten a.m. to 7 p.m. monday through saturday and most of the items we will be selling are mid to high end, spirits
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and wines. >> colleagues do we have any questions for the applicant? >> no questions, thank you very much. appreciate it. and now if we could hear from our police department, and inspector? >> good morning, mr. chair and supervisors, officer dwarte with the san francisco police department, and dan, kramer on behalf of on the fly ink, dba has filed an application for a type 21 at 550 montgomery street. and the area is over concentrated, however, abc is in support of the license and there were zero protest letters filed and the district station provided no opposition at all whatsoever, we were in in communication with supervisor chiu's office and the alu recommends support of this license, thank you. >> colleagues do we have any questions? >> no questions? okay, why don't we, open it up to public comment i know that
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there is a possibility of perhaps losing a quorum and i will give three minutes for each minute, but today we will be giving two minutes each, so if there is any member of the public who would like to speak on item number one, please come forward. seeing none, no public comment, and the public hearing is closed. and colleagues, do we have any thoughts and any actions? yes, supervisor ye? >> no, i was just going to say that there seems to be no objections on my part and the fact that supervisor from district three, has already seemed to agree with this. and i would like to support this, and we have a motion from supervisor ye e to move this forward and we can take that without objection. and without objection. >> and thank you very much. >> mr. clerk item two?
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>> item two. hearing on the city and county of san francisco's response to the needs of fire victims after displacement from residential fires >> this was introduced by mar, and so i will turn it over to him. >> >> we suffered multiple fires that destroyed properties and resulted in the displacement of dozens of individuals and families, yesterday morning, at 4 a.m. there was a fire on clement street at 12th avenue right next to the toyson restaurant and the internet archive as well and it displaced eight people for them, and the students the recent grads, and my office has always been involved when fires
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occur in my district to reach out to the staff from hsa and the fire department to work with the small businesses and support the residents, but, the human service agency says that in the past two years, about 200 similar residents have been displaced by fires in the city, and in cases, displaced renters have to wait for many months, or even years for the units to be repaired so that they can turn to the homes and the response consists on relying on the american red cross to provide the immediate relief, for the hotel vouchers and also, our department of human services works with the red cross. and i should reveal, that i had a house fire in april of 2000, and my family was displaced for a short time, and the american
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red cross and hsa and the fire department were wonderful to work with. and i had resources though, to relocate, and i think that there are some low income family and seniors that do not have the same sources. after hotel vouchers run out and so the hsa works with the dis when it runs out, many residents face the challenge, and very limited and no resource and what happened to them, and in most cases this proves to be an impossible task in san francisco and the fire victims are forced to relocate outside of the city and further trauma for the people who are facing the loss of their possessions or injury to themselves or loved ones?
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the purpose of the hearing is to really see what we can make and how we can make our current system work more responsibly and how we can be bringing or repaired units back on-line. i am looking at how it responds to the victims who are not english speakers and people with the limited english ability and this is an issue that impacts all of our districts and not just mine, and others as well and i am working with the colleagues to craft the city-wide solution and to help us understand, how our city response works and does not work, we will have presentations today by our fire department, assistant deputy chief, and our hsa emergency response coordinator who has been wonderful to work with over the years and dan laury and also community based
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agencies like the doloris street service and we have marlin from the dolores street and also as a resource here too, we have the office of emergency planner to answer questions and i wanted to acknowledge, new and goes from the department of association for their great work reaching out to the displaced fire victims as well. and so, with that, let's see, i want to thank everyone, who is participating as well, and i want to just start by inviting mitcy wong up to speak. >> there are a couple of slides that were provided for us as well.
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>> and okay, so, i am here on behave of the fire department to present the statistics for the last six years of fires in san francisco. so, this map shows the concentration of fires that have happened since 2008, to current. these fires are anything that is considered incinderary in nature and that includes, the fires but a simple fire and a smol dering fire or a trash can fire an auto fire and the wild land and outside vegetation and also the structure fires. >> you can see the density of
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the mid market and the residential areas have a higher fire rate. and then this slide shows the time of day, and the month that the fires generally happen. >> you can see that january and july are the highest, and you can infer that january, was maybe homeless, trying to stay warm in january, in lighting vegetation fires and that sort of thing and, perhaps, july just being more people are outside and enjoying the
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weather. the fires and that is about 80 percent, and the next are the bedrooms and the common areas like the living rooms and that sort of a thing, for the top three, you can see that the bedrooms and the kitchens are the make areas of residential fires. so, as far as talking about residential fires, and safety, i just like to point out that that public education and out reach will be the best to mitigate some of the injuries with the residential fires and that includes the installation of the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and keeping a fire extinguisher in the
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kitchen to help with the 80 percent of the fires, would also help. could >> could i just ask it looks like they are concentrated in the tenderloin and south of market. the single hotel is the highest type of residents that we are talking about? >> yeah. >> and when, let me try to think about this, when sprinklers were required in single room, occupancy hotels, did that reduce the number of fires, didn't that happen with that, and was that over a decade ago? or i am trying to remember when different safety precautions and hotels, and my office worked on recent ones and in the past there was some fire safety requirements for the hotels. do you know when that went into place?
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>> the sro, ordinance, ended i believe, about 8 years ago. and we did see a dip in the fires. >> okay. >> so, if you want exact numbers, i can go back to my office and get them. >> like that would be helpful in thinking about inlaw units or in different types of housing not just in my district but in other districts but trying to identify the types of residence and what safety precautions you have been so that we can look at safety precautions for the future. >> speaking about the inlaw apartments the push to start to legalize those it will be very important to make sure that the sprinklers and the fire alarms and egress, actually is or comes to the current code for those units. >> i think that is an issue that my office is already starting to look at with you. as well. thank you. >> right. >> great. >> so, the last couple of things, is make sure that the
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candles and cigarettes are out before you leave the room, and don't smoke in bed. >> is there a difference, in the neighborhoods or the districts being impacted by that. >> i could get you that information, we did not have time to pull up that statistic, but i can, the, i guess that i should, and the second slide that has the map of san francisco. >> yeah. >> >> this is a great map, and i
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think that it illustrates a point. >> supervisor yee? >> it would be helpful, i think, the amount shows we separate the dots by what along we are and probably give a better picture. >> thank you. >> great, thanks. >> great, thank you. >> thank you so much. >> chief, wong. >> the next speaker is ben aims from the human service agency who is the emergency response coordinator and i just want to thank you over the years and i know that victor and my staff and victor it feels like he knows you as a close buddy because of your work but it is also a good indication that there are a lot of fires and that you are immediately on it and, i would like to thank, kind of also, other city staff for always alerting my office when there are major fires in
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my district, but you are so right on top of it, and keeping us informed, of all of the details as well and i just wanted to thank you for ben aims for hsa. >> good morning, supervisors, thank you very much. and i am going to do a brief presentation as you mentioned yesterday. two alarm fire, in the district, and the people were displaced and we are working closely with the red cross to make sure that their needs are being met. at this point, we have folks in hotel rooms, and only, two folks have asked for hotels, stayed at this point. and we are going to continue to work with the other residents. this evening and make sure that it is going to be appropriate for them. >> our response is organized by
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until the event happens, we are not exactly sure what the best response is going to be. we have it allocated for this purpose and what i have done is hsa is the lead agency for the mass care and shelter for the larger disaster i would like to pull together all of the partner and work on the smaller events, to train our staff for a larger event. and so, the red cross is always there, and reach out to whatever appropriate city agency. or non-profit group would be able to assist us for that
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particular event. they have the right for refusal and so when it is ready to be reoccupied those folks can get back in those units and it is especially important for tenants that are coming out of rent controlled units that have been there for many years, and they are paying very low rents and they are not able to compete in this current market. and the good samaritan law has been helpful for us to refer clients to. and one of the challenges that we see, is that the population, that i most concerned about, coming out of the rent controlled units after many years and they are not able to
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kind of get great matches and this is the land lords that are coming forward because the rents are so low. we last january had a large fire in supervisor campos's district cap street and we were able to place the tenants that are coming out of a studio after 32 years, paying, $406 a month in rent, using the good samaritan, but, i had to do a subsidy for that program. so, the other thing about the good samaritan, law is that it works really well for people what are in traditional leases and a lot of the folks that we see are double or tripled up and you might have four or five people living in a studio, and when we are trying to find housing, for somebody in that situation, it is, fairly difficult. and so,


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